the Bespoke approach


Bespoke is a term used in the United Kingdom and elsewhere for an individually- or custom-made product or service. We believe our clients and their homes are distinctive, each having a unique story worth telling.

Our team’s mission is to create an experience unmatched in the real estate industry. We create a tailored program that covers every aspect of the listing timeline from conception to completion. Through ours and Douglas Elliman’s unparalleled network of clients, partners, and vetted professional resources, we command the attention of the world's most qualified buyers, as well as a higher premium on each property we represent.

We have no set marketing agenda. Rather, every property is assessed with the homeowner, and a customized road map is created with accountability and deliverables tied to a specific timeline. Our goal, from targeted advertising, media, and public relations, is to elevate each property above other homes for sale, and to enhance its allure worldwide.

For sellers looking for a more discreet approach, our Collection Prive'e allows for listings and sales to remain anonymous and to be delivered directly to our network-a first among Florida brokerages.

Get Ready

Initial Meeting – Meet Denver Bright
Understanding Your Goals
  • • Property Analysis: Features, Details, and History
  • • The Market: Important Questions
  • • Creating A Strategic Marketing Plan
Positioning Expectations, Timing, Price
  • • General Market Review
    • o Market trends and recent market history
    • o Near-term economic expectations
    • o Assessing Current Inventory Levels
    • o Assessing Competition and Absorption Rate
    • o Days On Market Analysis
    • o Current Discount Rate (List Price vs. Sale Price)
  • • Subject Property Analysis
    • o Unique Characteristics
    • o Pre-Inspection
    • o Listing Price and Terms
  • • Marketing Plan Prepared and Reviewed
    • o Full marketing plan and budget prepared.
    • o Creative development for brochures, professional photography, direct mail, property website, email campaign, etc., begins.
    • o Print, Media, Digital Marketing campaign finalized.
    • o If necessary, property is staged.
  • • Floorplans, Inspections, Survey, Title, Seller Disclosure
Ongoing Market Analysis

Get Set

Targeted Outreach
  • • Word is spread through our sphere of influence (clients, broker network, influencers, etc.)
  • • Initial contacts with the press (if applicable) are made
  • • Announcements
  • • Brochure, Internet, and Mailing Exposure
  • • Digital Media Marketing Campaign Launched
  • • Broker Preview Scheduled
Marketing Phase – Buzz Creation
  • • Website rolls out.
  • • Email campaign launched.
  • • PR and Social Media sources are activated.
  • • Brochure distribution.
  • • Print advertising launched.
  • • All marketing channels are saturated with content about your property.
  • • Your property is featured on appears across Douglas Elliman’s unmatched syndication of search engines and broker events.
It’s Show Time!
  • • Creating the proper first impression.
  • • Engaging with prospective buyers.
  • • Highlighting the home’s features.
  • • Answering Questions / Handling Objections: Creating Value
  • • Knowing the competition.
  • • Demonstrating
  • • Gathering client responses.
Creating & Monitoring Interest - A Critical Responsibility
  • • Marketing
  • • Networking: Making sure all parties are aware of offering.
  • • Broker previews.
  • • Open Houses/Private Showings
Communicating with You
  • • Establishing a method and interval.
  • • Monthly Marketing Report
  • • Activity Report
  • • Market Activity: Notification of Sales/Expired/Price Changes/New Listings
  • • Your Needs: Changes in the sales process.
Adjustments – Changes in the Market, Changes in our Plan
  • • Expectations
  • • Shifts in the market.
  • • Plan revision.
  • • Moving forward.

Get Sold

Negotiating Offers
Where Experience Counts
  • • Qualifying the Prospect
  • • Attracting the Right Offer
  • • Communicating Before the Offer is Received
  • • Multiple Offer Situations
  • • Avoiding Pitfalls in a Proposed Offer
Future Problems
  • • Protecting You
    • - Managing Expectations.
    • - Positioning you to win.
Escrow - Executing the Contract
  • • Creating a Timeline
  • • Managing the Contract: Our Duties and Your Responsibilities
  • • Service Providers
  • • Inspections
  • • Disclosures
  • • Additional negotiations (Repair Items)
  • • Removal of contingencies.
The Closing - The Day You Have Been Waiting For
  • • Transitioning you from this property.
  • • Your Closing Statement.
  • • Post-Closing details.
Beyond The Close 
  • • Understanding your future needs.
  • • Keeping you informed.
  • • A resource for the future.